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Theatre trip – 3rd years

On Thursday the 19th of November the 3rd year students headed into the city on a theatre trip as part of their English course.

In the morning they took a tour of Marsh’s library, the oldest public library in Dublin. Many of the students compared this library to that in Harry Potter with its sagging shelves very old leather bound books, some of which bear the bullet holes from the 1916 Easter Rising. They learned about ghosts, and a misplaced Egyptian mummy that resided in the library. They saw cages in which people were locked to study! The students even got to write their names using a feather quill and ink.

After this fun and informative trip the students headed to Smock Alley theatre on the quays where they saw a superb performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet performed by the Gaiety School of Acting. It was a great experience and they all felt that it will help them when answering the drama quesion.

Marsh's library

Marsh’s library