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Musical Evening

Rosary College Orchestra

Each year in Rosary College students put on a performance to showcase their talents. On this evening the school is open to parents, pupils, teachers and members of the community. Performances from the Orchestra, the Choir and the Trad Group were fantastic last year. The Choir performed a number of pieces including their rendition of ‘Ho Hey’ that they wrote for the Green Schools and ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele. The Orchestra performed Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’. Each music class always performs a piece of music and last year the first years took part in the cup song which was a great hit. A number of beautiful duets and solos were also performed. Last year was the first year where music and dance were combined at the talent show. The first years and second years put together dance routines which incorporated modern dance with Irish dancing. Courtney Daly also had a beautiful modern dance routine while Kelsey Mc Cabe performed an amazing baton twirling piece. The student’s dedication and hard work was evident to all. Well done to all the participants, looking forward to the Musical evening 2016.