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There is a strong music tradition in Rosary College. Participation in music is regarded as an essential part of each child’s education and every student studies music in first year. Mainstream curriculum music is provided for both Junior and Leaving Certificate at higher and ordinary levels. Leaving Certificate Music Technology option is also offered as part of the senior cycle music programme. All students studying music learn recorder during class time to enhance their understanding of music and to cater for those who do not learn an instrument outside school hours.

Every student is welcome and encouraged to join the school choir, orchestra and trad group.  Instrumental and choral performances happen on many occasions during the school year, e.g. liturgical celebrations, the annual Musical Evening, concerts, carol services and competitions throughout the year. Students with musical talents are encouraged to participate in all events to develop their skills, build confidence and share their talents with the school community. Music underpins all religious activities at Rosary College and its richness enhances the lives of staff, students and parents.

Choir Practice

Our weekly schedule includes:

[vz_lists type=”dots”]  [vz_list] Choir rehearsal on Tuesday lunchtimes [/vz_list]  [vz_list] Orchestra rehearsal on Thursday lunchtimes [/vz_list] [vz_list]Trad group meets on Thursday after school [/vz_list][/vz_lists]


The Music course covers all genres of music from early classical to modern day pop and rock. Students preparing for Junior Certificate Music are also involved in the acquisition of listening, performing and composing skills. The integrated approach to the Junior Certificate Music course encourages each student to engage in an active and enjoyable range of musical experiences. Through the gradual development of the three key skills of listening, performing and composing the Junior Certificate musician will have a better understanding of music, both inside and outside the classroom.


[vz_blockquote author=”Gerald Ford, Former President, United States of America”] Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them – a world of work, culture, intellectual activity and human involvement. [/vz_blockquote]