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We offer both higher and ordinary level at both Leaving and Junior certificate.

We strive to inspire an interest in History and to impart knowledge and understanding of the past together with the skills necessary for the study and practice of History. We aim to teach history with enthusiasm and fun giving the students a real love and interest of the topics being taught.

The following is the course content for each year group:

Titanic History ProjectFirst Year

How we find out about the past:

• The work of the Historian

• The work of the Archaeologist

• Our Roots in Ancient Civilisation

• Castle, Church and City

• Renaissance (as time allows)

Second Year

Studies of Change:

• The Renaissance

• The Voyages of Exploration and Discovery

• The Reformation and Counter-Reformation

• Plantations in Ireland

• Revolutionary Movements – America, France and Ireland

• From Farm to Factory

Third Year

Understanding the Modern World:

• Political Developments in Ireland in the late 19th and in the 20th Centuries

• Social Change in Ireland in the 20th Century

• International Relations in the 20th Century

Leaving Certificate

• Later Modern Ireland and Later Modern Europe and the Wider World

• Document based studies