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Marsh's Library

Marsh’s Library

Yeat's Exhibition, National Library

Yeat’s Exhibition, National Library









Levels Offered:

English is offered primarily at Higher and Ordinary level and at Foundation level where needed in specific cases.


‘Book in my Bag’

Well Read

Drop everything and read

Paired reading

Book Club

World Book Week

The English Department aims:

  • – To reinforce the work of the primary school in nurturing the intellectual, imaginative and emotional growth of the student by developing his/her personal proficiency in the arts and skills of literacy;
  • – To develop student’s personal, social and cultural literacy;
  • – To expose students’ to a wide range of texts;
  • – To foster an interest in students of the arts and theatre and media;
  • – To develop student’s vocabulary, critical and analytical skills;
  • – To teach students to express their thoughts with confidence, clarity and to respect those of others.