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Proclamation day & silent disco!

What a term we have had. Well done to all students and staff who took part in the many projects to commemorate 1916. The art department worked on some amazing portraits of the 1916 signatories. The tech graph students made some great posters. The English department looked at the authors and poets of 1916. The geography department looked at Dublin Then and Now through photos, maps and place names! The history department along with the science, CSPE and skills room made some great fact sheets on each of the signatories. The skills room worked on a special project about the restoration of the proclamation. The LCA music class did a great display on our national anthem. The 5th years geography class did some informative displays on the proclamation and our Tri colour flag. The Well Read initiative did a display on some great reads relating to the events of 1916. Well done to all involved in these projects and the many other projects done through class time.

The term ended with a silent disco where green was the theme for St Patricks day! The 2nd year CSPE class organised this amazing event and all proceeds went to focus Ireland! Well done to all involved.

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