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PE Participation Policy

Rosary College Physical Education

Participation Policy

“Our School is a caring Christian community in which pupils have the opportunity to achieve academic excellence and to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, creatively and physically in a healthy environment.”


Rosary College is committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of its students through physical activity. A programme of Physical Education is provided for all years and a comprehensive extra-curricular programme is also made available to all students.  PE is compulsory for all students in Rosary College.

1.1 Rationale for a Participation Policy

The aims of this policy are to provide clear guidelines to all students and parents on participation in P.E. classes in Rosary College, Crumlin, to maximise numbers participating in P.E. classes and to maximise the teaching and learning time available to students within their weekly P.E. classes. The Department of Education and Skills, Rules and Programme for Secondary Schools 2004/05 (p.7/141) instructs all schools to offer Physical Education. Students are required to participate in P.E. as they would in any other class. It is the intention of this policy to reduce the amount of time spent by the teacher at the beginning  of each class dealing with students who don’t have PE kit, present with a note etc which may be unnecessary. The clarity provided by this policy will increase the level of learning and participation time for the majority of students who are prepared and willing to be actively involved in class.


1.2 Participation

  • All students should present to all PE classes in appropriate PE Kit, whether or not excused from the physical elements of PE.


Junior school = Plain Navy tracksuit bottoms, white Rosary College polo shirt, school tracksuit top and good supportive runners that are tied correctly. And hair tied back.

Senior school = appropriate leisure wear for physical activity.

  • On PE days, All students should arrive to school in full school uniform.  10mins either side of the PE lesson is set aside for changing.

· All students must participate in P.E. class to the best of their ability.

· All jewellery should be removed prior to engaging in any activity. A box is provided where all jewellery, Phones, Keys or any valuables can be placed and subsequently locked away by the the teacher for safe keeping.

  • If a student has a minor illness (common cold, sore throat, etc.) which reduces their ability to participate they must still get changed and participate to the best of their ability. If they are too ill to do this then they should not be in school. A note signed by a parent / guardian explaining the nature of the minor illness will be required.

· If a student has an injury or a condition that affects their ability to get involved in the physical elements of P.E. class then they must bring in their P.E. gear and a note from their parent/guardian, stating the nature of the injury or condition. If the injury/condition is likely to affect their involvement in successive P.E. classes then a doctor’s letter will normally be required, specifying range of dates affected.   If possible, the student can participate in whatever elements of the class that are suitable, for example the low impact parts of the warm-up and elements of the class which focus on flexibility.

  • The P.E. teachers will modify their lessons so that, if possible, a suitable role will be given to the student with the injury/condition.
  • If the student feels uncomfortable during any part of the class they  may be allowed to opt out of the physical part of the class. They may then be asked to engage in a more theoretical based lesson, usually by recording information about the relevant topic being covered in class.
  • If a student has an injury/condition which makes it unsafe for them  to be physically involved in the P.E. class (such as a broken limb) they  will participate in other ways e.g. by learning about the theory elements of the current activity being covered in P.E. class. This will be achieved by the P.E. teacher giving the student an information sheet or observation sheet.

1.3 No PE Kit

If a student forgets their PE kit a detention will be issued and written work will be given for the duration of the class. If this occurs twice a white card will be issued. If a student fails to show for detention a white card will be issued immediately

  • As with any other subject students are liable to sanction for non-compliance with the requirements of P.E., according to the school’s Code of Behaviour and Discipline.

1.4 Participation by Students with Special Educational Needs.

All teachers are informed of students with Special Educational Needs at the start of every academic year. The P.E. teachers will be invited to contribute to the formation of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) where appropriate.

1.5 Indoor/Outdoor Classes At times, P.E. classes may be held outside. Students should come suitably attired for outdoor weather condition.