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Mobile Phone Policy


School policy on Mobile Phones, Music players and Portable Gaming Consoles.

In the interest of good teaching and learning, mobile phones, music players and portable gaming consoles are banned during school times i.e. 8.50 a.m. to 12.10 and 12.50 to 2.50/3.30p.m.

If a student is caught with any of the above in class, the item maybe confiscated for one week. Parents/guardians may be asked to collect the item from the General Office.

The confiscated item will be placed in a box in the General Office, deposited in an envelope and clearly marked and dated.

Refusal to hand over the item is a serious breach of Our Code of Behaviour and The Deputy Principal will be informed. The confiscation rule still applies.

Further offence swill result in confiscation again will be treated as a serious breach of conduct. A meeting with Parents/Guardians will be arranged and suspension maybe followed.

In the case of an emergency, where a student has to contact home or where a parent has to contact a student, the phone in the General Office may be used.