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Friendship Week is in full swing!

This is the sixth year Rosary College has hosted its annual Friendship week October 12th – 16

. Every student in the school is partaking in this initiative. One class a day is timetabled for the whole school to deal with an anti-bullying topic. Radio Rosary plays through our intercom during this week with inspirational quotes and music with the theme of friendship. Yesterday Student’s designed Tee Shirts with Friendship slogans. Friendship Selfies were taken by staff and students and we cannot wait to see the results – funny hats and glasses were added for extra fun. The community guard will come to the school on Thursday morning to discuss the topic of cyber bullying and a wall display will be created to encourage students to THINK before the post anything through Social media. On Thursday afternoon students will be rewarded with a Laughter Yoga followed by an episode of FRIENDS. Students will also have to fill the heart of Kindness with Random Acts of Kindness. There will be a poster and poetry competition also. Students must also work together throughout the week in order to complete a number of treasure hunts and they will be rewarded for their success at teamwork. A quiz will take place on Friday afternoon followed by Assembly to close our Friendship Week. Every student in the school also took part in making a display for Friendship week, each student’s hand is represented to show our sense of community in Rosary College.

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