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Final Term

We are now coming towards the end of the school year. We shall post the timetable for the summer exams shortly.

We would like to wish our third years and Lcas the best of luck in their state exams.

We recently had our Friendship week which all students enjoyed and the quiz was a great success. Thank you to all who took part.

Our 1st years, 5th years and 2 second years had a very early start last thursday with their trip to the Burren. Although the roads were winding and the weather was not ideal students and teachers were in great form and a good time was had by all. Thank you to Mr O’Doherty for organising this trip and to the teachers and snas that accompanied him.

Today is our Sports day and we hope everyone will get into the spirit and do their best.

Our awards day is next Tuesday.

Our Tys are taking part in a school car wash fundraiser on Friday 11th of May.

We hope everyone has an enjoyable last term.