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NBSS Skills Room

Rosary college is extremely lucky to be one of the few schools in the country to have a BSC (Behaviour support classroom) in place. This room also known as the skills room works alongside the regular curriculum to provide a support in many areas such as Literacy, Numeracy, social skills and Behaviour support.

Programmes accessed in the Skills room


This programme is an OT based programme and is delivered to first year students. It centres on the idea of self-regulation, teaching students that their bodies are like cars and in order to get the most out of their engine they must use the correct fuel etc. The Programme is extremely colourful and proves very engaging with young students we provide all students with the tools they need to regulate their behaviour in class for optimum learning.

Friends for Life

Our staff are fully trained to deliver this fantastic programme which is the only programme recognised by the world health organisation for the prevention of anxiety and depression in adolescents. This simple yet effective programme is delivered to all second year pupils and promotes healthy thinking patterns and lifelong coping skills.

Vocabulary Enrichment and C.S.I.

Both literacy programmes have been rolled out in our school and have proved to be extremely popular with junior cycle students. They teach essential language skills and unlike other programmes Vocabulary enrichment is not merely teaching students new vocabulary but is instead strengthening the way they look at words and therefore enriching their capacity to generate new vocabulary independently.

School stationary shop

There is a small stationary shop operating in the Skills room everyday before the bell and we sell all the essentials for a successful school day!