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Well Read

well read This year Rosary College is aiming to achieve the Well Read National Award. This award is about creating and fostering an environment of reading, in all its forms, throughout the school community – teachers, students, parents and the wider community. Throughout the school year we will develop and run various reading initiatives. All initiatives will be updated on the website as we complete them. In May 2016 we the committee will submit a portfolio to Well Read for evaluation. If we succeed in our aims a plaque will be awarded in the autumn of 2016. This will be displayed on the front of the school and we can call ourselves a well read school. A school that embraces a culture of reading will automatically promote and raise all areas of literacy.

Recommended Reads 1st Years

AUTHOR                                                     TITLE

Almond, David                                             Skellig

Bawden, Nina                                               Carrie’s War

Boyne, John                                                  The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Carey, Anna                                                  The Real Rebecca Series

Cass, Kiera                                                    The Selection

Colfer, Eoin                                                  Artemis Fowl Series

Kostick, Conor                                             Epic

Charboneau, Joelle                                     The Testing

Dowd, Siobhan                                            The London Eye Mystery

Doyle, Roddy                                               Wilderness Fitzpatrick,

Marie Louise                                                Dark Warning

Gaiman, Neil                                                Coraline

Grisham, John                                             Theodore Boone Series

Hinton, Nigel                                               Buddy

Henry, April                                                 Girl Stolen

Ellis, Deborah                                             The Breadwinner

Kerr, Judith                                                When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

Landy, Derek                                             The Skulduggery Pleasant Series

Lowry, Lois                                                The Giver

Levine, Karen                                            Hana’s Suitcase

Lingard, Joan                                            The Twelfth of July

Lore, Pittacus                                            I am Number Four

McKenzie,                                                  Sophie Girl, Missing

Magorian, Michelle                                  Goodnight Mister Tom

Montgomery, L.M.                                  Anne of Green Gables

Morpurgo, Michael                                  Private Peaceful

Palacio, R.J.                                              Wonder

Pierce, Nicola                                            City of Fate

Roth, Veronica                                          Divergent

Riordan, Rick                                             Percy Jackson Series

Steinbeck, John                                         The Red Pony

Tolkien, J. R. R.                                         The Hobbit

Taylor, Theodore                                       The Cay

Wein, Elizabeth                                         Code Name Verity

Recommended Reads 2nd Years

Author                                                     Title

Blackman, Malorie                                  The Noughts & Crosses Series

Bronte, Charlotte                                     Jane Eyre

Cass, Kiera                                               The Selection

Colfer, Eoin                                             Artemis Fowl Series

Crossan, Sarah                                       The Weight of Water

Dashner, James                                      The Maze Runner

Fitzpatrick, Marie                                   Louise Hagwitch

Gaiman, Neil                                            The Graveyard Book

Gleitzman, Morris                                   Once

Grant, Michael                                        The Gone Series

Hinton, S.E.                                            The Outsiders

Kiernan, Celine                                      Into the Grey

Kuipers, Alice                                         Life on the Refrigerator Door

Landy, Derek                                         Skulduggery Pleasant Series

Lore, Pittacus                                        The Lorien Legacies

McKenzie, Sophie                                 Blood Ties

Mahy, Margaret                                     Changeover

Mitchell, Jane                                        Chalkline

Morpurgo,                                              Michael War Horse

Ness, Patrick                                         The Knife of Never Letting Go

Nicolson, William                                 The Wind Singer

Palacio, R. J.                                         Wonder

Pierce, Nicola                                        Behind the Walls

Riordan, Rick                                        The Heroes of Olympus Series

Roth, Veronica                                      Divergent Trilogy

Sutcliff, Rosemary                                The Eagle of the Ninth

Swindells, Robert                                  Stone Cold

Taylor, Mildred D.                                 Let the Circle be Broken

Tolkien, J.R.R.                                      The Hobbit

Wein, Elizabeth                                     Rose under Fire

Westerfeld, Scott                                  Uglies

Recommended Reads 3rd Years

Author                                                     Title

Austen, Jane                                             Pride and Prejudice

Cass, Kiera                                               The Selection

Blackman, Malorie                                   The Noughts & Crosses series

Bronte, Charlotte                                     Jane Eyre

Cross, Gillian                                           After Tomorrow

Crossan, Sarah                                        Apple and Rain

Collins, Suzanne                                       The Hunger Games Trilogy

Dickens, Charles                                       Great Expectations

Du Maurier, Daphne                                 Rebecca

Grant, Michael                                         Gone Series

Green, John                                              The Fault in our Stars

Dowd, Siobhan                                         The London Eye Mystery

Johnston, Jennifer                                  How Many Miles to Babylon

Knowles, John                                          A Separate Peace

Lee, Harper                                               To Kill a Mockingbird

Lockhart, E                                               We Were Liars

Lore, Pittacus                                           The Lorien Legacies

Lowry, Lois                                               The Giver

Marsden, John                                         Tomorrow When the War Began

Martel, Yann                                             Life of Pi

McCaughrean, Geraldine                        Forever X

McKenzie, Sophie                                    Girl Missing Series

Muchamore, Robert                                 The Cherub Series

Ness, Patrick                                             The Knife of Never Letting Go

Nicholls, Sally                                           Ways to Live Forever

Orwell, George                                         Animal Farm

Pierce, Nicola                                           Behind the Walls

Riordan, Rick                                           Heroes of Olympus Series

Roth, Veronica                                         Divergent Trilogy

Smith, Dodie                                            I Capture the Castle

Steinbeck, John                                       Of Mice and Men

Stockett, Kathryn                                     The Help

Tolkien, J.R.R.                                         The Hobbit

Zusak, Markus                                         The Book Thief

Recommended Reads 5th & 6th  Years

Author                                                     Title

Austen, Jane                                             Emma

Bennett, Alan                                           The Uncommon Reader

Binchy, Maeve                                         Circle of Friends

Bolger, Dermot                                        New Town Soul

Bronte, Emily                                          Wuthering Heights

Chbosky, Stephen                                   The Perks of being a Wallflower

Collins, Ciarán                                         The Gamal

Dickens, Charles                                     Great Expectations

Fitzgerald, F. Scott                                 The Great Gatsby

Gaiman, Neil                                           The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Green, John                                             The Fault in our Stars

Ishiguro, Kazuo                                       Never Let Me Go

Jones, Lloyd                                             Mister Pip

Keegan, Claire                                         Foster

Kingsolver, Barbara                               Flight Behaviour

Leonard, Hugh                                       Home Before Night

Lessing, Doris                                         The Grass is Singing

McCabe, Eugene                                     Death and Nightingales

McCarthy, Cormac                                 The Road

Martel, Yann                                            Life of Pi

Ngozi Adichie, Chimamanda                Purple Hibiscus

Nicholls, David                                       Us

Orwell, George                                       1984

Priestley, J.B.                                         An Inspector Calls

Rosoff, Meg                                           How I live Now

Ryan, Donal                                           The Spining Heart

Salinger, J.D.                                         The Catcher in the Rye

Sansom, C.J.                                          Dissolution

Trevor, William                                     The Story of Lucy Gault

Waters, Sarah                                         The Little Stranger

Zusak, Markus                                        The Book Thief