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[vz_accordions]  [vz_accordion title=”Geography Trips”]River Study in KnockreeEvery year students of Geography put the theory they have learnt in class into practise in the great outdoors. Students go on trips to Glencree, Glendalough and Kippure for example. 6th Years usually have an overnight trip as they undertake the study of a river in Knockree. They also experience this beautiful area as they spend their second day rock climbing, zip wiring and hill walking. Students will travel further afield in 2016 as they visit Co Clare to see the Burren, the Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands. [/vz_accordion]

[vz_accordion title=”History Trips”] Students in Rosary College have enjoyed numerous trips organised by the History department. Students have visited the National History Museum, the Natural History Museum, Trinity College (book of Kells), The Wax Museum and The Titanic Museum, Belfast to name a few. This year students will be taking part in a number of events for the 1916 commemorations. 3rd years will be taking part in the 1916 Walking Tour of Dublin. 6th Years will visit the Abbey Theatre to meet with Author and Historian Feraghal McGarry . [/vz_accordion]

[vz_accordion title=”Wicklow Way”] This year senior cycle students undertook the challenge to walk the Wicklow Way. Students had a fantastic time and learned a lot about themselves and how much they could achieve. They also took in the surroundings which applied to lots of their subjects like science, geography and history. Looking forward to next years trip already!wick way1edited[/vz_accordion]

[vz_accordion title=”Trips to the Theatre”] Many trips have been made to both the Helix Theatre and the Civic Theatre in order to see performances of the plays of ShakespeareThe Merchant of Venice, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and King Lear are just a few of the titles which students have seen on the stage. In the past we had the pleasure of seeing a professional drama company perform Macbeth on the stage at Rosary College. [/vz_accordion]

[vz_accordion title=”The William Butler Yeats Exhibition”]A sixth year group went on a trip to the National Library of Ireland where they were given a private tour of the W.B. Yeats exhibition to enhance the Leaving Cert poetry course. On this outing the students also had a tour of Archbishop Marsh’s Library, the oldest public library in Dublin. In this historical building they saw primary sources from the Easter 1916 Rising.
Yeat's Exhibition, National Library  Marsh's Library[/vz_accordion]

[vz_accordion title=”International Volunteering Trips”] Over the years in Rosary College, many students have volunteered to travel abroad for one month to developing countries where they worked with some of the most vulnerable people in society. We have wished students all the very best as they have travelled to countries such as Jamaica and South Africa. Keep an eye out for future opportunities abroad which you could be part of. [/vz_accordion]

[vz_accordion title=”First & Second Year Trips”] Trip to the zooEach first and second year group in Rosary College take part in a class challenge. If all classes achieve 80% success or above they are rewarded with a school trip. Students have to work extra hard as a team to pass the challenge. Each year students do extremely well and always thoroughly enjoy their reward. Last year students visited the zoo with their Year Heads as their reward. This Year Kippure was where the action was. [/vz_accordion]

[vz_accordion title=”Art Trips”] Every year students visit galleries with their art teacher. They visit interesting and inspiring exhibitions that help them with their Leaving Certificate course. Students also visit Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. [/vz_accordion]

[vz_accordion title=”LCA Hotel & Catering trips”] Students who have chosen the Hotel & Catering course as part of LCA will enjoy trips to various hotels for lunch or afternoon tea. This year students visited Chinese restaurants for their projects. Students can compare their experiences and can apply this knowledge to the course being studied. [/vz_accordion]

[vz_accordion title=”Taize Trip”]In Rosary College, senior students have an opportunity to travel to Taize in France where they spend a week living in communities with people from different faith backgrounds from all over the world. This summer (2015) four students took part and found it a life changing experience.

Group gathering at Taizé  Lighting candles for prayers [/vz_accordion]

[vz_accordion title=”CSPE Trips”] As part of the CSPE course at Rosary College students regularly go on trips and meet with guest speakers. These trips have included the Eco UNESCO’s Greenhouse, The Mansion House, Dublin Castle and the DSPCA. [/vz_accordion]

[vz_accordion title=”Poland Trip”] During Easter 2015 2nd year and 5th year students along with their teachers visited Poland on a four day trip. Students visited Aushwitz and the Salt Mines while on their trip along with many other activities. Students kept a diary each while on their trip and they made a presentation on their return. They had an amazing trip and students are very excited to see where this years trip will take them!

pol [/vz_accordion]

[vz_accordion title=”Guidance & Careers”] Students attended ‘Higher Options’ this year at the RDS. Other trips include open days to various colleges and trips to Proctor and Gamble for their Business in Community Schemes. [/vz_accordion]