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Extra Curricular Activities

Rosary College has a very broad programme of extra-curricular activities available to students in the school. Pupils are encouraged to take part in these activities as participation is seen as healthy and a very good way to make friends. It is an honour to be selected on any of the activities to represent the school and pupils are strongly encouraged to train or practice for these activities as requested.


Extra Curricular

Sport: We have a variety of sports teams for girls and boys including football, camogie, and hurling. Our students also participate in rowing, boxing and the GAA future leader programme.


Music: Music is part of the fabric of our school with a strong emphasis on traditional Irish music. Students have the opportunity to become a member of the school choir, trad group, orchestra and are offered individual tutoring. We perform at many events throughout the year. We have a wide variety of instruments available such as Piano, fiddles, Mandolins, Guitars, Ukuleles, percussion and Bodhráns.


Literature: Our school is a well read school and all our 1st year students have timetabled library classes. We offer the accelerated reader programme as well as JCSP paired reading challenge and the word millionaire. Our students participate in a lunch time book club and a writers workshop weekly with tea and biscuits.


Soccer / Football at Rosary

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