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Pastoral Care

The pastoral care of our students is at the heart of our ethos. We recognise each students individuality and uniqueness and we celebrate their talents, abilities and uniqueness. Every teacher in Rosary College is involved in pastoral care on a daily basis.

The Year Head monitors the discipline of each year group as well as their academic and social progress.

The Guidance Counsellor whose comprehensive advice extends throughout the whole school, meets with each student individually during their senior cycle. All senior students also have a career and guidance class once a week.

The Learning Support Team assesses pupils with in need of extra support and gives tuition to students on an individual or small group basis.

The Care Team meets on a regular basis to set up supports for students who are experiencing difficulties and aims to ensure, in a confidential and sensitive manner, that each student is nurtured during their time with us.

The Home/School/Community Liaison Scheme offers support to parents and guardians through courses in the Parents’ Centre and other initiatives. A transfer programme is run in order to allow the transition from Primary to Secondary school as smooth as possible.

Rosary college is extremely lucky to be one of the few schools in the country to have a BSC (Behaviour support classroom) in place. This room also known as the skills room works alongside the regular curriculum to provide a support in many areas such as Literacy, Numeracy, social skills and Behaviour support. Programmes accessed in the Skills room

Alert: This programme is an OT based programme and is delivered to first year students. It centres on the idea of self-regulation, teaching students that their bodies are like cars and in order to get the most out of their engine they must use the correct fuel etc. The Programme is extremely colourful and proves very engaging with young students we provide all students with the tools they need to regulate their behaviour in class for optimum learning.

Friends for Life: Our staff are fully trained to deliver this fantastic programme which is the only programme recognised by the world health organisation for the prevention of anxiety and depression in adolescents. This simple yet effective programme is delivered to all second year pupils and promotes healthy thinking patterns and lifelong coping skills.