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Mobile Phone Policy




While acknowledging the benefits of mobile phones their use on school premises must be controlled. If used during school times they are a great source of disruption.


The rules governing the use of mobile phones are as follows:

o   The use of mobile phones by students is strictly forbidden during school hours i.e. 8.50 am-12.10 pm and 12.50 pm – home time

o   Students cannot play music through speakers, take any photographs or videos, have their headphones visible or use the phone as a means of ignoring staff

o   It is advisable to leave phone at home during exam times. Students cannot use a mobile phone as a calculator in an exam (as per exam board regulations). Mobile phones are collected by exam aide prior to every State exam and are kept safely locked away until the exam finishes

o   Students must never take photos or film in or out of the classroom on a personal phone. It is a criminal offence and will be dealt with severely

o   Any student in breach of these rules will be required to hand the mobile phone to staff member on request

o   Failure to hand over the mobile phone when requested to do so will be considered a serious breach of the Code of Behaviour

Arrangements for the return of mobile phones:

o   1st Offence:         Mobile phone to be collected by student at end of school day

o   2nd Offence:        Parent must call to collect mobile phone at end of school day

o   3rd Offence:        Parent is called and must collect student and mobile phone immediately

o   Each offence will be recorded in the office

In the case of emergencies a student can be contacted by phoning the school office (01 4555824). If students need to contact parents/guardians urgently, they can also do so through the school office.


Responsibility for Mobile Phones


The school does not accept responsibility for replacing lost, stolen or damaged mobile phones. The safety and security of mobile phones is wholly a matter for students.


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            Chairperson, Board of Management